Mirae Lee
Mirae Lee
David Martinez
David Martinez
Mirae Lee & Minh Cam
Mirae Lee & Ma Minh Cam

'PBA top Ranking' Spaniard David Martinez & 2nd LPBA Ranking MiRae Lee recently signed a sponsorship agreement of one year with Gorina. Ma Minh Cam from Vietnam, Seo Sung-won Lee Jung-ik, Park Ji-hyun and Sakai Ayako from Japan complete a sponsorship of total the seven athletes Gorina Ceo in Korea Lim Jeong Chul says “will help players develop their skills”

#MK Billiard News 11/February/2020

Welcome to Gorina Cloth

The Billiard table, plays to compete at the top level. The Billiard table cloth and its style recounts a choice to reach the best performance. Our Gorina cloth talks a language of pure wool fleeces, unique material in great to transmit a truly sense of warmth with the sensibility of the player. Gorina cloths is a creative thought to give a unique an personal touch at your Billiard table, because all it takes is a particular finish to give a whole new personality. Here this web page describes the different styles of GORINA CLOTH for the games: Pool, Carom and Snooker to give you a value detail.

Andrea Quarta
gorina cloth factory

Menàrguens industrial buildings and tanks for water purification process in Spain from a bird's eye view. Opened in 1970 this factory finishes all the famous GORINA billiard cloths of all disciplines in the world.

The best raw materials in fleeces

Our own finishing for quality control

Innovating since the beginning

EVERCLOTH SL - C/ Pare Rodamilans 77, 08205 Sabadell, Spain - Tel. +34 937 450 722 - Email: sales@gorina.es